The Uzbekipaksanoat Association was established by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated on March 29, 2017 No. PD-2856 "On measures to organize the activities of the "Uzbekipaksanoat" Association."

According to the decree, the main tasks of the Association are:
a) improving the food base: ensuring effective interaction with the relevant government bodies and local executive authorities on the provision of irrigated land plots to strengthen the industry's fodder base, expand linear plantations and mulberry plantations;
organizing and conducting secondary activities on agricultural land and parts of plantations during periods not involved in feeding silkworms, carrying out other types of agricultural activities, with the subsequent sale of products in the domestic and foreign markets;
b) production of grains and silkworm cocoons, as well as harvesting and primary processing:
assistance to the organizations that are members of the Association in the creation and implementation of highly productive breeds of silkworms, establishing the production of high-quality grins;
determination of the forecast volumes of growing silkworm cocoons in the regions of the republic, placing orders for growing cocoons in the context of procurement and cocoon processing organizations;
organization of production and procurement of high-quality silkworm cocoons, their primary processing, modernization of existing and creation of new capacities for the production of raw silk and silk yarn;
c) organization of deep processing of silkworm cocoons:
effective organization of work to increase production volumes and improve the quality of finished silk products, master its most popular assortment and design, ensure certification and standardization of industry products in accordance with international requirements, widespread implementation of modern quality management methods;
conducting marketing research to expand sales markets, developing proposals and recommendations for developing an optimal pricing mechanism for silk products, increasing the volume of exports of finished silk products;
d) coordinating the dynamic development of the silk industry:
coordination of the implementation of the adopted program measures for the development of the silk industry, consistent implementation of a unified scientific, technical, technological, investment and export policy, as well as monitoring prices in the domestic and foreign markets;
to contribute to state support of organizations-members of the Association by improving the regulatory framework, providing benefits and privileges, attracting funds from international financial institutions and donor countries.
To fulfill the tasks assigned to the Association, 13 regional and 144 district LLC "Agropilla" were created. At the same time, as of March 1, 2019, members of the Uzbekpaksanoat Association are 8 farms for the production of silkworm seeds, 46 for the processing of cocoons and the production of silk fabrics and finished products, 22 farms for the production of seeds and mulberry seedlings.
In order to develop the silk and silk industry in 2017-2018, 5 resolutions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and 1 resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers were adopted. As a result of reforms carried out on the basis of these decisions, significant positive changes are observed in the industry.