Uzbekipaksanoat has been established in 2017 through a decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The organization is not attached to any government ministry but reports directly to the administration of the office of the President of Uzbekistan. The Chairman of Ipaksanoat has been directly appointed by the President of Uzbekistan.

It is the main organization within the country which represents all the sectors of the silk industry in Uzbekistan. Among its members are close to 60 silk processing companies, ranging from traditionally handicraft to fully integrated modern processing companies. The Association supports the development of silk industries and craft enterprises in every region of the country. One of its main aims is to increase silk production through a strategy of cluster formation along the silk value chain. The Association coordinates of the dynamic development of the silk industry, the improvement of the fodder base, the import of silkworm seeds, the efficient organization of the workflow to increase production volumes and improve the quality of finished silk products.

Along with the leading cluster companies, the Association promotes the establishment of mulberry tree plantations and the rearing of silk worms to produce cocoons as essential raw materials for silk production. The Association supports its member companies to attracted foreign direct investment and provides assistance in marketing of silk products through organization of trade fairs, participation in international exhibitions and other forms of support.

The Association is also in charge of the Sericulture Research Institute in Tashkent, the oldest and leading research facility on silk production in Central Asia. Its technicians provide regular trainings on all aspects of mulberry cultivation and silkworm rearing to the extension staff in the Associations regional offices and staff from its member companies.

Uzbekipaksanoat is a member of the International Sericulture Commission ISC with its headquarter in Bangalore, India ( and is also a member of the regional sericulture organization Black, Caspian Seas and Central Asia Silk Association, “BACSA” with its headquarter in Vratza, Bulgaria (

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